1) What are long-term benefits of the Program?
The experience of working in the space program.
If your long-term goal is to seek employment, the programs offer an opportunity to “launch your career”.

2) How much are the stipend payments?
Although these stipend amounts are subject to change, they currently are as follows:
High School Students – $300/week
Undergraduate Students – $500/week
Graduate Students – $800/week
Faculty/Professors – $1,400/week

3) How do I apply?
Application is done through an on-line system on this website. You must submit the required transcripts, reference letter, and a resume (preferably submitted on-line in electronic format).

4) What if I do not have documents in electronic format?

5) What kind of work will I be performing?
Participant skills will be matched to a technical need support

6) Does provide housing?
No, but we can provide informational resources to assist if selected to the program.

7) Is there public transportatio?
There is NO public transportation . You MUST have your own transportation to get on and around the Center. While traveling on Center, you MUST abide by all rules and regulations INCLUDING MANDATORY WEARING OF SEAT BELT. Regulations are very strict, and first time offenders may have Center driving privileges revoked. All tickets and offenses are governed by Federal Court.

8) Can I get college credit for participating in this program?
Please contact your school for more information.

9) What is a typical work schedule?
A typical work week is 40 hours M-F 8hrs/day with 30 minutes for lunch. However operational needs can affect the scheduling (such as launches, testing, etc.).

10) What if I have questions that I can not answer from the web site?

11) Do you have a phone contact number?

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